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Spicy Ramen + Essentials

Spicy Ramen + Essentials

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Practically the main course

Designed to be used as a set, or individually, this pack is all about trying something new together. Sure, you can raid your spice cabinet to try something wild, but we did the taste testing for you, and promise you will love the flavors in this carefully curated lineup:

  • Jacobsen Salt Co.'s Ramen Popcorn Dust that lays a broth-like foundation with MSG, ginger, & chives
  • Jacobsen's usually dusty Furikake brings a unique umami-sweet crunch, perfectly complementing the richness of the ramen seasoning
  • Yawataya Isogoro’s Ichimi Togarashi (straight from Japan) adds a layer of spicy warmth
  • Petersen Family Farm's Calico popcorn kernels  offer a delightful mix of textures and shapes
  • Taaza's Ghee for popping & topping provides a base of richness essential to all ramen bowls

Since these flavors are so rich, we think this PopPack pairs really well with bowls of fresh fruit, young cheese, and of course crisp, filtered sake.

Every spice in this handpicked set has been tested by Rianna herself, ensuring the perfect dusty texture perfect for popcorn and outstanding flavors pairings.

All of the Dusted PopPacks are designed to be used together to create something more than the sum of their parts & are super customizable. Sweat it out with big spicy flavors from the Togarashi. Want more snacks at the end of the bowl? Add more Furikake. It's your call!

All of the spices are full sized, meaning you'll get 40+ bowls of popcorn with the spice jars, and 8 bowls of popcorn with the bottle of kernels.

    What’s in the Pack

    • Use dusts together, separately, or for toast!
    • 40+ Bowls of popcorn with full sizes seasonings
    • Super dusty seasoning texture

    Ramen Popcorn Dust by Jacobsen Salt Co.

    • Ingredients: Trapani Fine Sea Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Ginger, Organic Yeast Extract, Monosodium Glutamate, Coriander, Chive, Chili, White Pepper

    Furikake Dust by Jacobsen Salt Co.

    • Ingredients: Sesame seeds, sugar, Pure Kosher Sea Salt, Oregon Dulse*, mushroom powder, organic sunflower oil *Dulse, which is naturally harvested from the Pacific Ocean, may contain trace amounts of shellfish

    Ichimi Togarashi by Yawataya Isogoro

    • Ingredients: Red Pepper grown & processed in Japan

    Calico Popcorn Kernels by Petersen Family Farm

    • Ingredients: Popcorn kernels

    Ghee by Taaza

    • Ingredients: USDA organic, grass fed, pasture raised cows milk

    Flavor Profile

    🧂 MSG & 🍄 Mushrooms lay a rich broth-y foundation

    🫚 Ginger & 🧅 Chives lend the whole thing brightness & intrigue

    🌶️ Chili pepper oil rounds things out with a hint of heat 🥵

    Not a fan of heat 🥵? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our Umami Ramen Popcorn Pack!

    Tips & Tricks

    This PopPack is designed to be used as a kit. Use the ghee as your popping oil & as a topper! Heat the oil, add the kernels, and pop them up. Once popped, melt some of the ghee & pour on top. Dust on the ramen, furikake, and ichimi togarashi over the flakes - it should stick to the melted ghee. Repeat to taste!

    Movie Club Picks

    We reach for this popcorn pack when introducing friends to a favorite anime like Dr. Stone, savoring quiet moment solo with Flavors of Youth, or rewatching the classic "Ramen Western", Tampopo.

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    • Jacobsen Salt Co

      Jacobsen Salt Company is a renowned purveyor of exceptional artisanal salts, born from the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest. With a deep commitment to quality and sustainability, they hand-harvest premium sea salts that enhance the flavors of any dish. Their salts are meticulously crafted using traditional methods, capturing the essence of the coastal region.

    • Petersen Family Farm

      We love the Peterson Farm family over in Utah, and with good reason - they take great care in choosing how to grow and process their kernels, focusing on traditional methods to ensure the highest quality flavor in every bite.

    • Yawataya Isogoro

      The founder of the Yawataya Isogoro Company, Kan'emon began selling shichimi togarashi in the grounds of Zenkoji Temple in 1736. At that time, the northwest part of Nagano city, known as "Nishiyama", was famous for the production of hemp and Japanese paper, and soon after Togarashi as well! Yawataya Isogoro is located in Nagano, Japan, and produces products with chili harvested from their own farm.

    • Taaza

      A family business based in Gold Bar, Washington, Taaza's (by Ayurveg) journey began when a couple of brothers recognized a gap in the market for high-quality handcrafted Indian dairy products. Adhering to ancient desi processes, handcrafting high-quality, fresh (Taaza means fresh in Hindi!) ghee is Taaza's commitment to tradition and community. They take pride in crafting the finest ghee using an artisanal clarification process passed down through generations as well as supporting American dairy farmers by using American Grade AA butter.

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