Gourmet Popcorn Seasonings for Discerning Snackers

Curated seasonings, kernels, oils, and popcorn gear

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    Answers to all your burning questions like ”Why Popcorn?” (if you're asking that, you're in the wrong place), ”How did this start?”, ”What's next?”, ”Who's behind this?”, ”Are you cool?” (yes, we are), and so much more!

    Who we are 
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    We at Dusted have very strong feelings about the right way to make, season, eat, enjoy, store, and buy popcorn. Check out our strong feelings on how to make the best popcorn.

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    Quality is at the heart of Dusted. We only choose to stock the absolute best products available. If you share that value, welcome! These are guidelines for selecting the best products for you.

    Selecting the Best 
Popcorn flavor set: truffle oil, truffle powder, truffle salt, citric acid. With popcorn.

Everything Truffle

Earthy, luxurious, and fragrant. Truffles are the right choice for a fancy movie night, a bowl of pasta, or even just your morning eggs.


Bring the Heat

Ranging from mild to ”I need milk”, these are our spiciest offerings. This is the collection for capsaicin lovers.


Most Unique

We pride ourselves on curating only the most unique flavors. So, these are our pride and joy.