Kernel Varieties

Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Yellow popcorn kernels are the classic stars of the popcorn world, best known to be used in classic movie theatre popcorn. These kernels come in a variety of sizes, and the flakes are fluffy with a slightly chewy texture that's irresistibly satisfying. With it’s simple corn-forward flavor a bowl of yellow popcorn is a blank canvas perfect for any seasoning you can think of from classic butter & salt to cheddar or even a a chunky everything bagel mix. This variety can come in either snowflake or mushroom shapes.

Unleash your creativity with this versatile variety—truly, the sky's the limit! We're partial to Jacobsen Salt Co's Furikake seasoning, as these hearty kernels can handle a more robust blend. Or try out one of Rianna's favorites with our Desert Dust seasoning.

White Popcorn Kernels

White popcorn is the connoisseur's choice for a lighter, more delicate popcorn experience. These kernels pop up smaller than their yellow counterparts but offer a tender, almost crispy texture. The flavor is subtly sweet, making it a versatile canvas for both savory and sweet seasonings. The flake shape can be either snowflake or mushroom, depending on the variety.

Dusted carries two varieties of White kernels from Amish Country Popcorn, a medium sized hulless variety, and then a small sized hulless variety. The small size is not recommended for airpoppers.

Pair these kernels with a more delicate, dusty seasonings like the Mala Spice Mix, or Turmeric Dust.

Calico or Rainbow Popcorn

Calico or Rainbow popcorn isn't a single variety, but instead a kaleidoscopic blend that we can't help but adore. Each kernel is a different hue, creating a vibrant mix that's as visually stunning as it is flavorful. Once popped, these kernels transform into a medley of yellow and white flakes, each with its own unique texture and taste. Expect tastes of nutty and sweet, textures of firm and tender, all in one bowl. The flake shapes also vary, so the mix can carry a number of different seasoning options. It's a Dusted favorite, not just for its diverse flavor & texture profile but also as a countertop showpiece that sparks conversation.

At Dusted, we offer two curated versions of this colorful blend—one from Petersen Family Farm and another from Amish Country. Each blend features a unique combination of the farm’s popcorn varieties, so why not try both to discover your personal favorite?

Use your imagination when pairing this variety! We love it so much we use this variety in our signature Spicy Ramen Popcorn Pack.

Red Popcorn Kernels

Red popcorn kernels bring a bit of flair to your countertop. They pop up white with a nuanced, nutty flavor and a texture that's a bit more robust than their white or yellow counterparts. The flakes are primarily snowflake-shaped and offer a satisfying crunch in every bite.

We're proud to feature Petersen Farm Red Kernels in our Dusted lineup. Nestled in Utah, the Petersen Farm family shares our popcorn passion and dedication to quality. Their commitment to time-honored farming techniques ensures that each kernel, ensuring the highest quality flavor in every kernel.

We recommend pairing these red kernels with rosemary & truffle for an earthy, luxurious popcorn moment, featuring our rosemary olive oil spray and truffle salt.

Blue Popcorn Kernels

Favored by popcorn aficionados for their subtly sweet, nutty undertones, these nturally blue kernels burst into petite flakes tinged with a soft blue-white hue. The flavor profile? Think of a roasted, almost earthy sweetness that pairs exceptionally well with minimalist seasonings - we recommend a simple sprinkle of salt.

But let's talk about that captivating blue. While it's all-natural in authentic varieties, be cautious—some brands artificially dye their kernels, often to command a higher price point. If you're steering clear of synthetic additives, keep your eyes peeled. The genuine article not only avoids harmful chemicals but also packs a nutritional punch. Specifically, blue popcorn is rich in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant found in blue-hued foods, giving it an edge over its yellow and white counterparts.

For the best popping experience turn up the heat when popping on the stove - this variety thrives at higher temperatures.