Popcorn Manifesto

Who has a manifesto about popcorn? How weird. We do—because we love it.

We love popcorn in all its sensory glory, but really, our obsession with popcorn is rooted in ritual. The experience of popping the kernels, layering in the oils and dusts, and then sharing with loved ones embodies this.

There is magic in making it yourself; the time and effort itself are part of the ritual. Also part of the ritual is the smell, taste, sound, and most of all, the memories it evokes.

Rianna, Dusted Founder, serves stovetop popcorn

Popcorn has been there for events big and small - from family movie nights to first dates, camping adventures, small celebrations, intimate get-togethers, big nights out, and long nights that turn into mornings too quickly. Every bowl, bite, flake of popcorn, every aroma, every spicy, salty, sweet, smoky flavor, adds a new thread to our personal tapestry. That’s why we have a manifesto about popcorn.

Dusted is here to change how you think about popcorn. We believe it’s time for popcorn to emerge from the shadows. It’s no longer just a mindless snack paired with a movie; here, it’s the main event. It’s time for popcorn parties, showcasing the beautiful variety of flavors and textures of dusts, spices, seasonings, flavored oils, pure oils, and kernels. The sheer possibilities make us dizzy. It’s time to put those dusty seasonings on full display.


Meet Rianna

Bored with pretty much the entire local grocery store, Rianna was looking for something more exciting than chasing the “movie theater popcorn at home” dream. She wanted popcorn that tasted like nothing she had ever had before.

Dusted founder Rianna

On her journey, Rianna raided her spice cabinet to create something unique, but found the spices were either too chunky, too salty, or tasted too much like what she just had for dinner. She knew there had to be more out there, so she went hunting, and Dusted was born.

Now, she’s dedicated to finding the best of the best for your popcorn dreams: delightful flavors, quality ingredients, and gorgeous tablescapes.

We invite you to embrace the role of host, armed not with an arsenal of complicated recipes, but with the easy confidence of someone with impeccable taste who just discovered something truly unique. We look forward to sharing with you and hearing all about your wild soirées—we're all ears 🌽!