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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for a (Mostly) Tasteful Holiday Season

Knock this gifting season out of the park with one (or three) of these gorgeous & tasty gifts. Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide has got you covered for your important list: people who love flavor and joy!

We cover kitchen wizards & couch potato movie buffs, early morning Turkey Trotters & book lovers who disappear into another world, and of course the amazing holiday hostesses you will see only briefly as they choreograph the party. Make this holiday season one to remember with gifts that are as unique, wonderful, and tasteful as the people receiving them.

For Your Own Personal Chef (The One with Good Taste)

Remind the chef in your life of the joy they find in their own kitchen so they will make more delicious things for you:

  1. A Unique Popcorn Experience: The Dusted Ramen PopPacks are an amazing gift for those that like to tinker in the kitchen. Since it’s designed to be used as a set, the final flavor is up the chef—add a little of this or a little of that. Or go with a stocking stuffer of the Mala Spice Mix or the tingly Tribute Pepper Oil - both of these will absolutely blow them away.
  2. A Distinctive Spirit: If your chef is into cocktails, choose a bottle of something unique that will surprise their taste buds like the Clear Creek Douglas Fir Brandy. It’s made by infusing the springtime buds of the Douglas Fir into unaged brandy, which is then re-distilled and re-infused with more buds. Could there be a more appropriate gift for the holiday season.
    Clear Creek Douglas Fir Brandy in a martini cocktail glass with a fir garnish
  3. Eco-Friendly Market Gear: Fresh ingredients are the best ingredients. You could get them fresh veggies, or just make trips to the farmers market more fun with stylish and practical market bags. We love this durable canvas market tote and reusable produce bags like these. 
    Canvas Market Tote with Pockets by Food52Reusable produce bags
  4. A Cookbook for Inspiration: A chef can never have too many cookbooks. Select one that focuses on those fresh veggies from the market, like this cookbook by Alice Waters: ’The Art of Simple Food’.
    Book Cover of Alice Waters' ’The Art of Simple Food’ at
  5. Quality Kitchen Knives: Knives are a chef's best friend. Treat them to an upgrade with a beautiful new Japanese blade, like these from Miyabi.
Miaybi Knife Birch handle at Knife Center

For Your Own Movie Star (The Movie Enthusiast)

Of course we have to include a guide for the movie buff in your life! Whether they're binge-watching classics or hosting movie nights, we have the goods:

  1. The Ultimate Movie Night Experience: Nothing is better than spending time together for the holidays or any other time of year. Plan the ultimate movie night for your movie-lover, maybe this will give a little inspiration. Make sure to include the snacks (#2 on this list!) and maybe a special popcorn bowl like this or this. 
    White ceramic small popcorn bowl, and whirlypop popcorn maker from Crate and Barrel
  2. Snack Setup: No movie night is complete without all of the snacks. Put together a gift-box of their favorite popcorn flavors (Rianna gave you a head start with HER favorites here!). Add some Sugarfina Champagne gummy bears for a sophisticated twist on movie candy. Top if off with a warm mug of hot cocoa, like this unique blend from Diaspora. And top THAT off with holiday marshmallows.
  3. Cinematic Cookbooks and Reads: Gift books that merge the world of cinema with culinary delights. Consider something like 'Binging with Babish’ (eat your movies!) or for a blend of food and film lore, ’Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously’, or ’My Life in France’.
    Cover of ’Binging with Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows’ by Andrew Rea on Bookshop.orgCover Of ’My Life in France’ by Julia Child on Bookshop.orgCover of ’Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously’ by Julie Powell book on
  4. Cozy Throw Blanket: Can you really even get cozy without a warm blanket to cuddle up under? There is a whole world of throws, but we really love this classic Pendleton that comes in a wild variety of colors and patterns - perfect for a personal gift.
    Selection of Pendleton Blankets & Throws
  5. Interactive Drinking Game: They’re yelling at the screen during movies anyway, why not make that into a real game like like 'Booze Clues'. Finally, a way to drink & watch tv (competitively).
Booze Clues: A TV Drinking Game

For The Pilates Lover (The Healthy One)

You might not want to get up and join them for their 5am morning run, but you do respect their commitment to health and wellness. They may appreciate gifts that contribute to their wholesome lifestyle, rather than big bags of gummy bears.

  1. Nutritious Snacking: Popcorn is a whole grain food, it’s HEALTHY, we will die on this hill. A gift basket of our Petersen Calico Kernels & Turmeric Popcorn Dust is not only a delicious snack, but also packed with nutritious polyphenols & phytochemicals in the colorful kernels, and the turmeric itself is an anti-inflammatory & has many other medicinal benefits.
    A bottle of calico popcorn kernels, frontTurmeric popcorn dust jar and loose dust to show dusty texture.
  2. Hydration Essentials: Hydration is essential to good health, help your loved one stay well-watered in style with a new water bottle like these extremely chic options from bkr or this very functional Fellow system that can do much more than water.
    Chic glass water bottles by bkrFellow's water bottle system
  3. Healthy Sipping: Yes hydration is key, but so is a moment of relaxation. Offer them non-alcoholic delights like this NA spritz from Ghia (Rianna loves these!) or some exquisite teas from Bellocq like this wellness set.
    Non-alcoholic canned spritz by GhiaBellocq Holiday Gift Set
  4. Sustainable Yoga Mat: If your loved one is into yoga and not so into plastic chemicals, give them the gift of a comfortable, non-toxic place to practice with this woven cloth mat available on Made Trade.
    Herbal Yoga Mat by Oko Living on Made Trade
  5. Stylish Workout Gear: Maybe they aren’t so into yoga and are more workout focused? If so, these Bala Bangles will add a modern twist to their fitness routine.
Bala Bangles by Bala

For Your Book Worm (The Reader)

For those who get lost in the pages of other worlds, finding the perfect gift can be it's own delightful journey into their literary universe. There's more to gifting a book lover than just more books.

  1. The Perfect Reading Snack: Our Microwave Popcorn Starter Pack is ideal for book lovers who don't want to leave their cozy nook for a snack. It's quick, easy, and delicious – perfect for their next page-turner. Add a glass of Tawny Port for a real cozy nook experience, like this 20 Year Grahams. 
    20 Year Tawny Port by GrahamsPopcorn set with gear and flavors: silicone microwave popper, yellow popcorn kernels, mala spice mix and ghee spray.
  2. Illuminating Reading Light: A book clip light (like this one from Glocusent) offers perfect illumination for late-night reading sessions or cozy airplane reading. It's a thoughtful gift for those who find their best reading moments in the quiet of the night.
    Glocusent Bookmark style amber booklight
  3. Personalized Book Plates: Empower your loved one to personalize their treasured collection with unique book plates. Choose from a variety of styles, like this family book stamp, or this snake themed book stamp, these lemon-themed bookplate stickers, this custom embosser, or these floral themed book plate stickers.
    Snake Library Stamp, Custom Self Inking by Paper Peach Shop on EtsyFamily Book Stamp by About You Stationary on EtsyBookplate Stickers, Boxed Set of 16, Lemon by PreppyProdigy on Etsy
  4. Decorative Decor: Bring a warm ambiance to their reading space with lights made from books, like these personalized wood engraved light books on Etsy. Or add some whimsy to their bookshelf & give them an activity with a Booknook kit. Or help them keep their books organized and add a touch of style to their shelves with unique bookends like these or these, the options are endless. 
    Personalized Wood Engrave Light Book by PapaTrike on EtsyBookNook Kit by Booknook KitBook Lover's Bookends by Kristen and Lindsey Archer on Uncommon GoodsSculpd Home Collection: Bookend Vases Kit
  5. Literary Perfumes: Let your loved one experience their favorite books with all of their senses with literary inspired perfumes. These from Immortal Perfumes are inspired by great loves of literature. And these from Imaginary Authors are literary inspired, each with a story & vision all it’s own. 
    Blend No. 83 by Imaginary AuthorsLITERARY LOVERS SAMPLE COLLECTION by Immortal Perfumes
  6. Quality Highlighters and Pens: For those readers who also are margin-scribblers, the right pen is huge! Choose bleed-proof highlighters and pens for smooth & easy notation, like these bright ideas mini highlighters from Papier, or any of these highlighters at Yoseka. These Micron pens are made for this with archival ink and a special nib. 
    Highlighters at Yoseka StationarySakura Pigma Micron PN Pen at Jet PensBright Ideas Highlighers by Papier
  7. More Books!: There IS more to gifting book lovers than more books, but still, there is no better gift for a book lover than more books! Show your love with a gift card to their local indie book store so they can pick out their own new book. Or make a donation to their local library (if they aren't banning books) – a thoughtful gesture for any bibliophile & lover of free speech.
    I read banned books sweater from Lingua Franca x Judy Blume Forever

For The Holiday Hostess (The Party Gal)

Hostesses who love entertaining will attest that the perfect gift is all about adding elegance, comfort, and interest to their memorable events. Here are some thoughtful and stylish options that any hostess will adore:

  1. Sophisticated Snacking: Elevate their party snacks with our Truffle Popcorn Pack, a gourmet choice for any hostess to share with guests or save for family time later. 
    Popcorn flavor set: calico popcorn kernels, truffle oil, and truffle salt.
  2. Festive Chocolates: Delight their sweet tooth with seasonal treats like eggnog chocolates from Compartes or Ritual Chocolate, adding a festive touch they might just share with you. 
    Compartes Eggnog Holiday Chocolate BarRitual Chocolate Eggnog Malted Oat Milk Chocolate
  3. Natural Home Accents: Instead of fresh flowers flown in from far away places, bring a touch of nature’s elegance indoors with a beautiful dried flower bouquet like this one from Love Pampas. 
    Bouquet by Love Pampas
  4. Mood-Setting Candles: Create the perfect ambiance with unique candles, like the vibrant and lively tapers from Areaware or these naturally chic hand-dipped beeswax tapers from Blue Corn Candles. Beeswax candles smell slightly of honey when burning, which lends a cozy atmosphere to a winter gathering. 
    Hand Dipped Beeswax Taper Candles by Bluecorn CandlesDusen Dusen Taper Candles on Areaware
  5. Showstopping Pieces: Make a statement on their dining table with an exquisite olivewood serving bowl from Dusted. Or for brunch gatherings, this french press from Yield Design is rich in style & function—and she might need it to get through the rest of the holiday season! 
    Beautiful hand crafted olivewood serving bowl, side850ml Glass French Press by Yield Design
  6. Relaxing Digestif: Offer a sophisticated end to the evening with a fine digestif like this absolutely delightful Amaro Nonino. Or end the evening with a soothing cup of peppermint bark tea from Club Magic Hour. 
    Peppermint Bark Puerh by Magic HourAmaro Nonino at Astor Wines and Spirits

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