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Yawataya Isogoro

Ichimi Togarashi (Japanese Red Chili Pepper Powder)

Ichimi Togarashi (Japanese Red Chili Pepper Powder)

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Made only with the Santaka variety chili pepper, whose fruit exhibits a vibrant red color and distinct spiciness, Yawataya Isogoro’s Ichimi Togarashi isn’t just hot, but has the sweetness and rich aroma of red pepper as well.

This simple ground red chili pepper is crafted by the century-old togarashi manufacturer Yawataya Isogoro in Nagano Prefecture. Every step of the entire production is done in-house, from seeding, germinating, planting, growing, and harvesting the pepper to roasting and grinding it into Ichimi Togarashi. The roasting method is extremely particular—careful temperature control and the right roasting time are the most crucial elements.

This dust will add heat and depth of flavor to any dish you add it to. We love this on our spicy ramen popcorn, but also on our morning eggs, or even pasta dishes.

Flavor Profile

This dust is hot, but also robust with a deep rich flavor from the roasting process. You'll be surprised to learn it is only 1 ingredient. Rich, yet acidic with a lingering full-bodied heat.

Tips & Tricks

Dust lightly on anything you want to add a little heat to.

Ingredients & Details

Very small metal jar (0.42oz), 2.5 inches tall x 1 inch wide

Ingredients: red pepper

Movie Club Picks

This is a classic ramen topping to bring some extra heat, so we're recommending the classic Ramen Western Tampopo. Use this on it's own and it will feel like your mouth is on fire, pair this with one of Drew Barrymore's early roles in Firestarter.

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  • Umami Insider

    The founder of the Yawataya Isogoro Company, Kan'emon began selling shichimi togarashi in the grounds of Zenkoji Temple in 1736. At that time, the northwest part of Nagano city, known as "Nishiyama", was famous for the production of hemp and Japanese paper, and soon after Togarashi as well! Yawataya Isogoro is located in Nagano, Japan, and produces products with chili harvested from their own farm.