Gourmet popcorn being served at a table, with question marks superimposed.

Introducing PopQuiz: Discover Your Newest Popcorn Favorites!

We're excited to introduce PopQuiz, a special tool we've crafted at Dusted to enhance your popcorn shopping experience. We know first hand that choosing flavors online can be tricky without tasting them first, so we designed PopQuiz to help guide you to popcorn flavors you'll adore, even those you might not think to try on your own.

Why PopQuiz?

We know there's a world of popcorn flavors waiting for you, but sometimes, you need a little nudge to explore outside your comfort zone and try something new. That's where PopQuiz comes in – to uncover those hidden gems you're going to love but maybe wouldn’t choose for yourself & giving you the confidence to try new tastes and make purchases you won't regret.

How Does It Work?

PopQuiz is simple yet insightful. By answering a few questions about your taste preferences and personality you'll receive personalized recommendations for popcorn flavors that match your Popcorn Persona. It's our way of getting as close to 1:1 curation for every single customer, ensuring you find new favorites chosen specifically for you.

Ready to Explore?

Take the PopQuiz now and discover popcorn flavors that could soon become your new staples. We can't wait to see which flavors surprise and delight you! We believe PopQuiz will not only make your flavor exploration exciting but also ensure that every purchase you make is a delightful discovery. It's all about bringing the joy of new tastes right to your doorstep.

Thank you for being part of our flavor-loving community. Your next popcorn favorite is just a quiz away!

We cannot wait to see what perfect pairings come from the PopQuiz! Share your results with us on Instagram & Facebook #DustedPopQuiz

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